The Evil Wizard – Part 2 Of The Dragon Trilogy by Samantha James

In this episode of Cordelia Alvin we learn just a little more about the evil wizard and what may have transpired in our serene Ameliadale. Some questions are answered and many more are formed as the story reveals itself and we learn of Cordelia’s fate.

This is part 2 of the ongoing trilogy. If you have not read part 1 then please CLICK HERE in order to read Part 1 – When The Pair Met.

The Evil Wizard – Cordelia Alvin

Dragon Trilogy by Samantha James

She is a fairy.

He is a dragon.

It was not always that way.

She was a girl.

He was a boy.

It was a love more than love

It should have been very simple

But she is a fairy and he is a dragon

Love … it’s complicated.

Cordelia Fitzgerald was a timid creature and felt much happier with the castle filled with only those she loved. The list was short. It included her father and beloved fiancé Cole. The afternoon found Cordelia needing to leave all the questioning and foreign eyes behind. She was distraught and had fled from the occupied castle to a remote spot at the beginning of the forest entrance. It was a place Cole had shown her. Cordelia had a mission. It had to succeed. The hidden place now looked changed and unknown with the absence of Cole. It was the place the wizard had first shown himself. It was no longer the happy location she had remembered. Cordelia knew she had to be here.

The wizard had declared it would be the girls only chance of saving Cole… but now all she could think of was the first time he had brought her here. They had no clue what events this little cove would cause. Tragedies would ensue. An obsession would develop. The damage irrevocable.  People lost their lives. It was all Cordelia’s fault. She should have just listened and made the sacrifice. If only the girl could go back. The outcome would be so different. Now all Cordelia wanted to do was everything in her power to at least bring Cole back. It was all she could think about standing there looking around while waiting for the repulsive wizard.

Cordelia remembered she had followed her little prince charming out to the path that led to the forest. “Cole please tells me we are not going back to the nest. I do not care if the bird can speak more words” “No… Cordy this is much better than a talking bird” he solemnly promised.  The pair walked a few minutes down the path into the forest. Cole stopped. He pointed at the cliff covered by the forest’s magnificent oak trees filled with green and brown splashes of color. Cordelia had noticed the cliff before. It was nothing new. She felt confused.  “Here follow me” Cole had urged. They veered off the path and onto the dirt and moss that covered the floor. Once they got closer, she could see a pinch of orange out of place in the forest. Once at the cliff Cordelia could see the orange was coming off a flower coming out of a tiny opening in the cliff. This opening was large enough for a person to slide in. Cole did so, and she followed.

Cordelia immediately knew this was going to be good! Cole had never let her down before. She had known him since she was six and through the years that followed bonded with the boy in ways that surpasses comprehension. The little lord had always been a true friend and brought some needed light when he came to live with the Fitzgerald family. It slowly overshadowed the mourning that had taken place in Ameliadale with the death of the very much admired Duchess and wife of Henry Fitzgerald. Cordelia had been a very sad little thing when her mother had died but the grief was nothing compared to the melancholy that had rooted itself into the Duke. Cole’s arrival to Ameliadale had brought life and adventure back. It brought the family out of mourning.

It was fairly dark at first but once the two had taken about five steps; they came upon a dazzling opening. Cordelia slipped through and she could not speak. The beauty rendered her speechless. It was a tiny cove surrounded by cliff. All along the cliff wall were hundreds… No…. Thousands of wildflowers! The colors were something to behold. There were such vivid reds, purples, and oranges all around.  The ground covered not by dirt but stunning green grass with white poppies that encased the entire floor and went into a section of sand on a tiny beach. The view of the ocean along with the flowers made this the most darling place Cordelia had ever seen. She declared it was their secret spot. They would spend the summer days picnicking there. Cordelia would sit and read while Cole practiced his sword fighting and arrow making. Hours upon hours would the two spend here. It was such a darling place!

Cole and Cordelia enjoyed their new magical place. The hidden cove’s charm matched their own beguile; it was the perfect place; however, little did the two know there was more than one secret entrance. There were others to be found.  The young couple had a lot to learn about the cove.

The wizard had noticed the girl and watched them with curiosity from his cave way up on wall. They never saw him but he became fascinated by the two. It did not take long for him to decipher who the beautiful Cordelia was with her pale white skin, stunning black curls, and bewitching big brown eyes.  He had seen her mother once. She was a miniature copy of that magnificent lady. The wizard knew the girl had to be the daughter of Henry Fitzgerald. There was no doubt in the his mind. So if she was the little future duchess to be then the older boy always in her company must be the Lord Turner… The girl’s fiancé. He did not like that one bit. This young lady was to be his. It only took him a few minutes to realize he would do everything in his power to possess the girl who slipped through the passage into his cove. So he continued to watch and to plan.

The wizard needed to find a way to remove Cole from the girl’s presence. It would be the only way the girl could accept his request for her hand. The first step was to speak with the Duke.  The wizard planned to demand that the engagement between the house of Fitzgerald and Turner to be broken off. If Henry refused then he could bring curses to the land. The wizard would get his way no matter the lengths required to make the ends meet. He would starve the entire country should he be provoked into doing so! He would have what was his due. It was about time the people of Ameliadale gave him a trophy. He had been silently protecting the lands for years now from bad weather, pestilence, and disease. It was no easy work. He did it all without ever asking for anything in return. In fact most did not know what he did for Ameliadale. It was time they did and he shall be rewarded.

Cordelia trembled as she remembered the first time the wizard had appeared. She had that day actually been alone. Cole was to follow her but had been delayed by Henry rambling something about fulfilling his duty. She looked around the cove and no longer saw beauty. The wizard had stopped the flowers from thriving. They were all withered and dead. The ocean waves now looked so much darker and treacherous as they splashed onto the beach in angry tones. She shook the reverie out of her mind and began climbing determined to accomplish what she had come back here for. Cordelia pulled herself up with the vines that now cascaded down the cliff wall. She would find the wizard and offer herself to him. She would get him to return Cole. He would be saved at least. She couldn’t shake the image of the wizard just disappearing out of existence taking Cole along with him. Cordelia, Cole, and Henry had all agreed they would not surrender to the Wizard. This, Cordelia felt was a mistake. People were starving. The plague had come down upon them killing people by the handfuls every day. It had to end. The wizard could stop it. She could stop it. Cordelia knew she was doing what was right. Those she loved would be angry but at least they would be alive. She struggled inch by inch but eventually did make it to the top where the Wizard’s cave sat.  She almost tumbled to her death from fright. The second she had gotten onto the ledge she had come face to face with the hugest glowing green eyes surrounded by a familiar red. It was a dragon! She was face to face with a dragon! She immediately begun to stumble backwards but the dragons had put out his tail before she plunged to her death.

Cordelia was confused. Why had the dragon stopped her fall? The muffled and scratchy words that came from the dragon next would forever change her world. “Cordy.” That was all it had spoken. She knew though. There was only one who ever called her that nickname. It was Cole! She looked deeper into the dragon’s face and saw confirmation in the familiar eyes of her true love. The dragons face had Cole’s features. It had the same green eyes and the red scales matched his hair. It was the same reddish maroon color that she had so loved to see upon Cole’s head. No! No! No! This could not be Cole. There was no way! It was not possible. She looked again and saw only the sad eyes she knew to be his. She felt like there was no longer any air. She could not breathe. She fainted.

She is a fairy. He is a dragon. It was not always that way. She was a girl. He was a boy. It was a love more than love. It should have been very simple. But she is a fairy and he is a dragon. Love … it’s complicated.


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