Casper : The Dragon Witch | Part 3 Of The Dragon Trilogy by Samantha James

Introducing Casper and Cassandra, the witches and newest additions to our short story collection! The couple’s story opens up the third installment to the continous series here on Samantha The Reader called The Dragon Trilogy. Please Enjoy!

This is the third part of the trilogy. If you haven’t read the first two installments then check them out below! They open the series with Cordelia and Cole’s story.





Casper & Cassandra

They are the witches

He loves her

She loves him

Neither will say

They are too shy

Who knows why

Their love will save the day

It will never be goodbye

 It will never go awry

They are the witches

Casper & Cassandra

Casper is the apprentice to the prominent wizard Isonia. The man’s reputation proceeded the rumors. Isonia is the most powerful wizards throughout the kingdom of Draconic. Isonia harvested a rare form of magic. It was that of the white dragon. Only those born of the land can use such a power… but only if magic lived in their blood.

It allowed them to use spells, runes, and various other things to bring about life.

Those with it received the ability to heal the injured and sick. The power allowed those dying the grace of being saved and even brought nature back to life.

It similarly could be  used it to kill if one turned towards the dark ways of magic. Casper was of this school. He had an ancestry originating from the dragon lands. He could use magic. The only difference was the magic deep in his soul came from that of a black dragon. His ancestor’s had wielded dark magic.

This is how Casper ended up working for such an important figure in the community. Isonia took up ensuring Casper knew how to use good magic and not those of his relatives.

Those days had been pleasant and filled with hard fulfilling work. He loved spending hours in the master’s library combing through books and learning. The best part of all involved the company. Isonia had more than just one young wizard working under his wing as an apprentice. There was Cassandra. She is a tiny little witch with wild green eyes that often turned a blueish-green like the ocean. The fire red of her hair that hung long and straight off her little face only enhanced the brightness of her eyes.

Cassandra was the niece of Isonia. Casper thought she resembled a porcelain doll; easily broken. They would talk a little here and there while they worked. Nothing much was ever said. The two were often quiet.

They studied the spells and practiced their magic together. Hours upon hours were spent doing various chores or task given by the master. The time passed quickly. Casper was in awe of his little counterpart. She was everything elegant and lovely in his eyes.

She defined the meaning of grace. Oh, he loved her! Yet he could have never told her that. Not back then and especially not now.

They had been chased away from their homelands and were forced to live off of Dragon’s Port. A little shore village that was now housing hundreds of refugees. Casper like the rest lived on the beach in little tents. The rich stayed in luxurious and well-made tents of strong material. The poor lived in tents sewn together from leaves, bark, and other material found around the forest.

The beach faced the shores of Gwynhallow; the fairy city. Nobody in Dragon’s Port made contact with them. Fairies generally disliked outsiders especially witches and wizards. Better to keep your distance.

Isonia and the two apprentices sleep in one of the largest tents along the shore. It contains a main room with three little doors. In the middle of the back wall of the tent, there is the door that leads to a larger opening that serves as Isonia’s room.

Casper slept off to the right in a much smaller space and Cassandra spent evenings through a door off to the left in a room that almost compared to Isonia’s own space. The entire tent is a bit cramped compared to the massive tower the three of them had called home.

Casper missed home.

At least there still was Cassandra and plenty of work to do. It gave little time for dwelling on the events that had occurred in the recent past.

In the kingdom of Ameliadale just north of Draconic an evil wizard brought a curse to the entire land. As the story goes, the wizard requested that he shall marry the Duke’s daughter; however, she was already betrothed to some lord or another. The duke was quite unwilling to offer his only child up to the wizard… the consequence?

The wizard had the audacity to unleash a vicious curse on Ameliadale. Unfortunately, the wizard’s curse had some unexpected effects. Such as…. bringing back the dragons!

The world went without dragons for at least five centuries and now they were back. As he ran away from the burning town just below Isonia’s tower and doing everything in his power to help Cassandra keep up with the rest of the survivors. Casper counted at least twenty dragons been attacking everything in sight. They were sending a strong and deadly message to the humans.  He would never lose the image of the fiercest one that trailed behind the villagers. That dragon possessed large green eyes and dark maroon red scales. It reminded him so much of Cassandra’s eyes and hair at night.

The scales matched the girl’s red hair without sunlight and the same green shone from Cassandra’s eyes as the dragon.. It made the creature seem so familiar. Casper could not forget that dragon. Cassandra seemed at the time as transfixed with its coloring as Casper. This specific dragon was doing a great idea of terrifying and chasing away horrified villagers; howver, it did not harm. No fire escaped his breathe. He didn’t know why. It was strange and so unlike the others. 

The reason the dragons attacked the town and surrounding lands was because Draconic , being the land of the dragons, rightly belonged to them.

They simply were claiming what was theirs.

Casper now in hindsight thought what a ridiculous place to live considering the facts now. It is prophesied the dragons would come back and claim their birthright. It came to pass and now they had! Why did this place get chosen? What was so great about Draconic?

The whole concept seemed ridiculous now. Why had their ancestors ignored the prophecy and settled such lands? Casper guessed it no longer mattered. They would never live in Draconic again. It wasn’t, would never, and had never been theirs.

It was time to make a new home. That is the consensus around the camp of refugees. Casper knew Isonia supported the temporary plan.

The officials and nobles of the community were busy figuring out what the plan for the community would be. For now, everyone would remain camped on the beach.

Cassandra and Casper spent most of their time these days hunting animals for food, gathering wood for heat, and doing what most refugees did to survive. Everyone did their best just trying to make the camp livable and comfortable.

It is all anybody could do. There is nothing else.

Casper & Cassandra. They are the witches. He loves her; she loves him. Neither will say. They are too shy. Who knows why? Their love will save the day. It will never be goodbye. It will never go awry. They are the witches. Casper & Cassandra.


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17 thoughts on “Casper : The Dragon Witch | Part 3 Of The Dragon Trilogy by Samantha James

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    • Yes! Great advice. I am having a hard time with changing what is memory and what is present. The struggle is real! This is why I decided to share my stories on my blog instead of anywhere else. So I can learn! Luckily, most the “past” stuff is already written and majority of upcoming installment in the series are present tense only. ❤

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  2. My pet dragon (that’s him in my profile pic) quite enjoys this story so far. He feels there are too many proper nouns coming at him way too quickly though. It tends to make him a little dizzy. He doesn’t understand that it’s tough to control the pace on a blog though, so don’t mind him.

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