Poetry Corner | Emotions Written By Samantha James

Emotions are on of the trickiest and constantly changing entities that exists in our natural design as human beings. Emotions vary from happiness, sadness, anger, bitterness, love, contentment, dissatisfaction. The range is never-ending.

I wrote a poem to express this very important fact of life.


They do not last; ever-changing

Gone in a flash; It is waning

What is the meaning?


They never stay the same; ever-changing

One minute; here and there

Should we all be scared?


They disappear; then reappear

Up in a flare; down in a prayer

Is this supposed to be where?


They exists; all shapes & sizes

In all forms; say the wisest

But how do we navigate those mazes?


It is simply beyond our control

We simply do not have power

All we can manage; is to limit damage

We feel what we feel; no other way

At the end of the day

This is not meant to be an ill

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