Book Review | The Draughtsman Damsel Written By Emily Klein

Has anyone ever come across a book that absorbed all their attention from start to finish? Tons of bookworms can relate to this feeling. These type of books are the reason we love reading and developed a passion for it in the first place.

Today I am going to share a book I couldn’t put down until the very last page. It is a book I would define as a historical fiction romance novel titled The Draughtsman Damsel by author Emily Klein. It was whole-heartily an enjoyable read.

I loved the characters absolutely to death. I felt every emotion right along with them. Lady Annabelle Latimer is a young woman forced to leave her childhood home at Calais, a place she loves to follow her parents when they are called back to the English court by their king and chaos ensues. She grows from an adolescent to a young woman with a wild spirit and fiercely kind heart. Annabelle is a role model for every lady to admire. The story offers its challenges that our main character endures with grace and dignity only the strong-willed could manage.

Annabelle is dragged away from her childhood friend Thomas, the son of Calais’s duke. They have dreams of being wed and truly have a deep-seated love for each other. The pair are well matched; however, Thomas’s father is having none of it and he is a bit crazy. It is a classic Romeo and Juliet story with a much happier ending that kept me on the edge of my seat as to how it would turn out. The two have been separated for years and their fathers hate each other. The Duke of Calais is paranoid and hostile. He blames Annabelle’s father for betraying him by serving the king of England as an adviser.  Lord Latimer is claimed to be a false knight for not staying in Calais. The duke believes he is the rightful king whose throne has been stolen. It is a rather complicated yet engrossing relationship. The duke refuses to allow Thomas to be betrothed to Annabelle.

The young girl’s parents set her up with several potential suitors but really nothing but turmoil arises from the affair. It was quite hilarious to witness. A love story that should have smoothly resulted in marriage is constantly thwarted by a madman, a jealous lover, and pure circumstance. The two have been separated so long and are forbidden by the duke to be friends. The obstacles are numerous.

I adored the ending because it was rather unexpected and refreshing. My only complaint at first was the curiosity it left me for another character in the story. He is Robert McMillan, a Scottish nobleman from her mother’s side who loves Annabelle and seeks to unite their households through marriage. The ending was not clear about what happens with him. I really wanted some answers because he is rather likable and I found myself wanting to root for him. I have a special piece of tidbit the author told me about when I asked about his fate. She is currently in the works of writing an entire novel involving his story. I am so excited about reading this when it is released.

Overall, I highly recommend The Draughtsman Damsel By Emily Klein if your craving a fast paced young adult romance that is wholesome and clean but very enticing read!



Annabelle’s father, Lord Latimer, is the closest counsellor and architect to the Duke at Calais. But when the King of England calls him back to court, he is forced to go, tearing his ten-year-old daughter, Annabelle, from her home and from her best friend, the Duke’s youngest son, Thomas.

At the English court, Annabelle grows up to be a sensitive, precocious damsel. She has a penchant for mathematics and drawing, but bears an aversion to the “female arts” required of a well-bred nobleman’s daughter. So much so, the she contrives a ruse to avoid them; a ruse that risks her eligibility as a bride, as well as her governess and tutor’s livelihoods.

The Duke, her family’s former benefactor, now estranged, wants Lord Latimer to return to Calais and help finish his grand castle, a massive monument to chivalry. So, when a courtship party turns to a fiasco, her parents make use of returning to Calais to further educate their wayward daughter, who is now left with no tutor or governess.

When they arrive, however, nothing goes as planned. Pride, politics, madness, and falling unwittingly and unwillingly in love complicate matters to the point of disaster.

A story of love and friendship, politics and science, castles and knights, maidens and romance, set in medieval England and France.


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Instagram: Ekleinauthor

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