Book Review | Wing Walker: The Swooning Moon Saga By M.T Finnberg

My most recent reading adventure involved a book titled Wing Walker by M.T Finnberg. It is book #1 of The Swooning Moon Saga. The story was a refreshing fantasy surrounding magic and dragons. I quite enjoyed this one.

The most crucial aspect of Finnberg’s novel that stuck with me revolves around the characters themselves. All too often characters blend together and don’t come across as genuine. There is nothing unique and noticeable to the readers in these characters. They tend to just fall flat. However, in wing walkers, this is not the case.

I loved how the author craftily provides each character their own tones and personalities. This was most evident in the speech and movements of each individual. There are a lot of memorable features. As a reader, it made my heart happy. I could easily point out who was speaking without being told something. A technique that takes talent. The most favorable part of the book is how interesting the world is and all the mystical creatures involved. I loved the dragons. Finnberg brought a new twist with this one. Each dragon has their own diverse traits leaving me feeling like everything in the book had a rich flavor. This was enough to hold my interest!

The very first scenes left me crying buckets at the tragedy and emotion reading the situation through Cassie’s eyes. The sympathy she possesses for the creature she sees being harmed is heartbreaking. It totally toyed with my emotions.

The only thing I thought could have been done better is the middle. I did find myself getting a tiny bit bored. The middle felt slightly slower. The pace of the novel isn’t a very fast one to begin with. I do love how touching and caring the main character is. She is an absolute sweetheart. The ending of the novel left me feeling rather surprised but do not want to discuss too much of that because I am attempting to not reveal spoilers. It is definitely worth picking up and reading!



After the Alliance bombed Swooning Moon, only the megalopolis Capitol survived under its blue dome. In the backcountry, among thousands of broken-down amusement parks, awaits a harsh world: dragon poachers raiding the air while gangs of youth pace the marshlands looking for magical items to sell for a few coins.

Eighteen-year-old Cassie just joined the scavengers. She lost her best friend in a tragic accident, but on Swooning Moon, everybody knows dragons can alter reality. All she needs is a sage dragon’s Oath…

More used to dragon-singing at her parents’ opera house, she doesn’t exactly know how to fit in. But she finds an ally in Jay Tachebana, rascal son of the most affluent mobster, flying around in samurai attire in his father’s billion-dollar racer craft.

When Cassie and Jay venture deep into uncharted grounds, they discover there’s a good reason why Swooning Moon is encased in guard spells–and something is awakening…


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