Writing Tips | Forty (40) Helpful Tips To Help New & Experienced Writers

Today’s blog post is very exciting! I have collaborated with a writing group I am a member of called Creative Fiction Writing to bring everyone the most helpful tips to help new and experienced writers along the way. I hope this helps!


  1. Beginning writers should read as much as they can. Even experienced writers actually. Even if you have access to nothing but books, you can still write a decent story if you read, read, READ. — Jesenia Rodriguez

  2. Don’t worry and question your writing when you’re just in the first draft! Just write and write without going back to edit. Get the story out in its entirety before you stress about scenes, following author ‘rules’, etc. — Jenna Whittaker

  3. Find a good editor — Mel Johnson

  4. Don’t be alarmed by the voices in your head they’re just your characters telling you how they want things done in the book to benefit them  (I had a minor character kind of take over the whole story in my current work in progress) — Jillian Mckenize Murray

  5. It’s rare that you’ll have time to write…you have to MAKE time. Then, write a word. Then a sentence. Then a paragraph. Then a chapter. Then a book. Easy, right? Er…no! Still, plant that butt, write those words and, when you type THE END, prepare to feel incredible! — Mick Williams

  6. You dont always have to “Write what you know.” Bend reality. Push boundaries. Put all that boring stuff in the back seat and let your imagination run freely. After all, that’s what fiction is all about. — Laura Allan

  7. Show, don’t tell. –– Nicole Tallow

  8. Write what you want and what you like – not what the others think you should write. — Lena Jaker

  9. Read vicariously, soak up those delicious words but notice the structure used etc.  I like to map out the characteristics of each character as they come to mind. I find it makes it easier to see how characters story can interlock with others to build the basic plot etc. Make every word matter. — Clare Read

  10. Write freely and banish any inner editors such as old teachers and family who threaten to crush ideas before they are born. — Carmen Walton

  11. Writing is a lot about re-writing. So much so, that there’s little point of perfecting lines and correcting errors while you are doing your first draft. Just let your mind flow into the paper. After you have written the chapter a few times, it is time to read it aloud and see if it actually flows. — Pauli Thuren

  12. Write what you know about — Rachel Charlton

  13. Write about what you love and you will never run out of ideas. — Laurie Jean

  14. Observe thousand times more than before,use intuitive ability which can turn imagination into reality,ensure every day in to day outs are contributing to your plot and objective of book. — Sudarshan Reddy

  15. Always wanted to write and finally at 54 have almost finished my first book. No idea about publishing etc. But my tip would be never give up! Thank you for all the amazing advice above — Jo Duffy

  16. “Start late, end early” is the best advice I got as a newbie. An example would be if your scene is to approach a castle, sneak through it, and rob the wealthy. Start with them actually stealing, or if you plan for them to get caught and have them escape, start with the escape. Then, end the scene when climax of that scene is accomplished; don’t linger any more than you have to. — Jae Swisher

  17. Be flexible, knowing all work styles so that you wont have trouble with co writers. Also, one must produce unlimited ideas from limited resources — Jonel Ebuen

  18. Write something everyday, even if it’s only a sentence. — Jaimie Janine Briggeman

  19. Allow yourself to write garbage—it’s the only way to get better, and that’s what editing is for. — Erica Farner

  20. Don’t try to find inspiration. Inspiration will find you in the darnedest place. — Elizabeth Ashcraft

  21. Treat writing like something you have to do everyday. Be selfish and say, ‘This is my time to write’ and write, doesn’t matter if the writing is crap, you can grow with crap. — Andrew Oldham

  22. “just write, don’t even think about it.” — Elizabeth Ashcraft

  23. Write about something you enjoy — Marie Miller

  24. When I misspell a word I retype the entire word. That way I will remember spelling it correctly. Not my original idea but I am not sure where I got it. — Kirk McDougall

  25. I try a page a day — Cheryl Councilman

  26. Don’t waste too much time trying to impress other writers. Concentrate on your target audience of readers — Levi Hook

  27. Don’t be afraid to try a new genre — Trinity Tracy

  28. Write a page a day for a year. At the end of the year you will have a book of 365 pages. — Dorothea Shefer-Vanson

  29. This is what I always tell to people: “Believe in yourself”. Applying that in writing, you should believe in yourself that you can write it. You will write it and you should write it. I guess, this is the baby step for all writers especially before actually writing. I hope this one helps! — Christian Loid Valenzuela

  30. Explore what has already been written about writing from people who have experienced the trials and tribulation of the creative writing process – it shows you that you are not alone — some tried and trues – Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg; Writing alone and with others / Pat Schneider ; foreword by Peter Elbow; BIRD BY BIRD Some Instructions on Writing and Life. By Anne Lamott; there are many, many others but these have stood the test of time and are helpful – and I am learning my way as well – so hang in there – it is an adventure! — Rene Kimball

  31. Don’t worry about publishers, editors, or other people’s opinions; just write and have fun writing! — Liz H. Alexander

  32. Write from the heart, and try to write a little every day. — Mai Toivonen

  33. Write what you have gone through, to start. Pour out your emotions and hopefully this could lead you to a new story may be your’s or may be a fictional one connected to it’s thread — Smriti Shrivastava

  34. Don’t try to write for the publicity; your readers and fans want you, not a get rich quick formula disguised as a story. Still write for yourself and from your heart. You’ll make it. — Del Rey Dorsey

  35. Don’t give up in your self, learn from your mistakes. — Kiersten Osmond

  36. There is no right or wrong way to learn writing. — Kiersten Osmond

  37. Like all other aspects in life playing piano learning to draw, drive, and even walk. — Kiersten Osmond

  38. We stumbled and fall, make mistakes. — Kiersten Osmond

  39. But like learning to walk, we keep getting back up, till the day we are running because there is always room for growth. — Kiersten Osmond

  40. Don’t let perfection stop you from starting, or moving forwards.Write it even if it’s crap. You can always go back after and fix it, make changes. — Kiersten Osmond

Thank you so much for reading. Please leave your own writing tips in the comments below and we can keep this thread going. I hope this proves to be a valuable writing resource that can help us along the way on our writing journey!



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21 thoughts on “Writing Tips | Forty (40) Helpful Tips To Help New & Experienced Writers

  1. I love these tips that you’ve shared from others. Writers helping writers.
    And thanks for following my Here’s How It Happened blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am writing a book. Never took a creative writing class, but writing a book anyway.

    I do the writing without thinking tip.

    Another tip- in between drafts take a break


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