Book Review | Slivered By Kandi Vale – I Thought It Was A Great Read!

I recently read Slivered by Kandi Vale this week and thoroughly enjoyed the story. It is a paranormal romance with some Fifty Shades of Grey elements. That is how I would personally describe this book. It is not my usual style of reading at all, as many of you already know, I generally prefer cleaner romances. Here are my thoughts…

I am going to start this book review by discussing the prologue. They usually bore me to death and I have never been a fan of prologues. I just don’t enjoy reading them for the most part but did like this book’s prologue because it provided valuable information and backstory that I felt was captivating and made me feel like I wanted to know the rest of the novel’s story.

It is a very well written and executed prologue.

It made the book more interesting to read and added value to me as a reader. This hardly ever happens in my reading experience. I usually find prologues to be unnecessary and am impatient to begin chapter one of the book and dive right into the story.  I often feel like I am being held back when reading them. so this was different.

The characters were great. I loved Kisa’s attitude and her personality because despite all the real pain she is in because of her loss, the girl is strong underneath. I don’t know, that just felt admirable to me. I loved seeing the inner strength and who she is at her core. The depression and trauma she has experienced were all too believable and it felt real. The more you got to know Kisa, the more you could see how she is going to respond to certain emotions, situations, and experiences. All too easy to relate with.

Dolor, the second main character. He is quite a mystery and the definition of that tall brooding male we all love to see. This character is where most of the supernatural in the story surrounds itself. He is a creature that feeds off the pain of others, that has been around for thousands of years. Dolor has created a successful trade business in other realms etc. This was entertaining. I am a huge fan of the supernatural.

The only thing I would have loved to see with Dolor, Kisa, and more of the supernatural world and more details. I have a lot of questions that still need answers, luckily the author has announced that the second book coming out in October. So not too long!



They say that time heals all wounds. For Kisa, however, the more time that passes, the more of herself she begins to lose. Grief has made her a shell of her former self; eating away at every feeling and driving her slowly to the brink of madness. No matter how desperately she tries to feel something, nothing gets through.

For millennia Dolor has walked the world, watching humanity evolve and devolve before him. After all this time, he has grown content where he is. With true friends at his side, he’s created a profitable establishment; a BDSM club for the supernatural. Being one of the most powerful beings in creation has its perks, and he wants for nothing. Until Kisa…

It’s pain that brings them together. Something she needs to feel, and something he needs to exist. What they don’t know is what’s about to be unleashed. Will Kisa put her life in Dolor’s hands? Can Dolor teach Kisa to dance in her darkness, or will her pain consume them both?


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