Pre-Release Book Review | Hidden Above Her Written by Kandle Bossfield

This week I read a book titled Hidden Above Her by author Kandle Bossfield. The book is rather quick paced and filled with immediate action. The main character Sym is delightfully strong-willed and practical. This story kept me hooked from the beginning.

The beginning of Bossfield’s novel starts right into immediate action and a grisly scene that would stress any main character out; however, Sym isn’t alone and has her best friend to watch her back. I was very engrossed with the quick wit and dominant personality of this character. How Sym handles a very bad day is just beyond words. She has a lot going on in her life graduating college with a degree, a new job far away, ending her engagement with a cheater, and the return of an old love.

Almost immediately questions arises from me as the reader because the book is surrounded by mystery from page one. Who is the blonde woman and why does Sym’s fiance sound so strange on the phone after being confronted? There is a huge mystery about what happens the night of her going away and graduation party when she lands in the hospital. Murder is in the air and nobody knows exactly who hit her in the head causing some amnesia of events from the night before. It gets a little crazy as memories start to unfold and Sym starts getting some answers. The unraveling of a mystery leaves shock in its wake. I loved the flashbacks incorporated into the story because they really bring you to the present and gives you bits of information as you read.

The novel makes wonder where the story is going a lot which is good because readers cannot guess what is coming next. I loved that aspect of it. Overall a very good read and worth the time. Its snappy, funny, and full of intrigue. I give the book 4 out 5 stars all together. It was great!


When love hurts at a party.

After a near-fatal accident at her going-away party, Symphony is left without a memory of what happened that night. Was it an accident or did someone deliberately try to kill her?

She begins to question her friendships and is now suspicious of a family she thought she could trust. Are they hiding something?

Flashes of old memories force her to question everything.
On a mission to find out the truth, she stumbles upon an arrogant yet smooth stranger who may be able to help her. Will he be the key to unraveling the mysteries that haunt her?

It’s a heart-wrenching story, which reminds us that second chances are given for a reason, but it’s about what we do with them that makes the difference.
Family secrets spill! What-would-you-do situations arise! The deceit is above!

Will she ever leave?


Releases on July 12th, 2019. 


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