Book Review: Murder Interrupted Written by James Patterson

In today’s book review I want to discuss James Patterson’s book titled Murder Interrupted released in January of last year because it was quite a snappy and entertaining crime novel based off of two very real crimes involving murder for hire.

Patterson’s book was based off of two different crimes that take place. The first one is when accountant and family man Frank Howard has an affair and decided his wife must die because if he divorces her then his embezzlement scheme will be figured out. The second half of the book covers the murder of abusive mother Dee Dee Blancharde at the hands of her daughter Gypsy Rose mentally unstable boyfriend Nick Godejohn.

I know that James Patterson as an author has his fair share of hate and criticism but I am not in that category because I love his writing. Patterson is a compelling crime writer who has entertained me vastly with his Alex Cross and Women”s Murder Club series; therefore, it is no stretch of the imagination that as a reader I would enjoy this novel Murder Interrupted especially when it is based off of true stories.

The first half of the book covers the marriage of Frank and Nancy Howard. The pair by all accounts are a good, god-fearing, blue collar couple who after raising two daughters still are in love years later. Unfortunately, only one of them does not feels this way.

Patterson puts readers inside the mind of a man with some chilling issues. What caught me the most about the story was how evil Frank was on the inside and in his head. The man lacks sympathy for anyone at all except himself. It was very captivating to read the scramble Frank undergoes to cover his shady business dealings, his affair, and the his interactions with a drug addict he hires to murder Nancy. I loved how James Patterson doesn’t really embellish the story. I did some research after reading the book and learned that Patterson by all accounts tells the story in its entirety without added drama and making stuff up. If i felt like he did a great job writing what happened.

The second half of the book covers the case of Gypsy Rose. A young girl with a very sick mother but not in the way one would expect. Dee Dee Blancharde spends years convincing the world that her child Gypsy was a paraplegic suffering from a chromosome disease which caused her to have the cancer known as Leukemia. The abuse is terrifying. Gypsy at the hands of Dee Dee has countless surgeries. The suffering is horrendous especially when Gypsy didn’t even know what her real age is. This story is one I have followed heavily watching documentaries, interviews, and news article. It was the motivation for why I wanted to read this book in the first place. Gypsy Rose orchestrates successfully her mothers murder when she realizes that she isn’t sick, can walk, and has been living a life of lies. I think she was so brainwashed by the time she got her online boyfriend to come and kill her mom.

There is definitely sympathy on my part as a reader for Gypsy’s story. I know murder is evil but if there ever was a soul that deserved to get away with murder than it would be this girl. She felt there was no way out. Dee Dee had convinced the courts to declare her as mentally incompetent. Gypsy at the time felt like there was no way to get out of her misery especially when her mom broke her computer and kept her tied to a bed for several days because she tried to make a friend and was attempting to learn to walk.

5 out 5 star read! 


As seen on Discovery’s Murder is Forever TV series: In these two true crime thrillers, a reluctant hit-man and a cheating husband fight for their lives . . . and a single mother exacts her revenge. In Murder, Interrupted, rich, cheating financier Frank Howard wants his wife dead, and he’s willing to pay Billie Earl Johnson whatever it takes: $750,000, to be exact. When his bullet misses the mark, Billie Earl and Frank will turn on each other in a fight for their lives ….

Mother of All Murders is the story of local celebrity Dee Dee Blancharde. Television reports praise her as a single mother who tirelessly cares for her wheelchair-bound, chronically ill daughter. But when the teenage Gypsy Rose realizes she isn’t actually sick and Dee Dee has lied all these years, Gypsy Rose exacts her revenge …




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11 thoughts on “Book Review: Murder Interrupted Written by James Patterson

  1. My only complaint about Patterson is that many of his books are not written by him, but by his consortium of authors who write under his name. Because of his various authors (Pietro, Charbonnet, Roughan, etc.), the writing style changes and sometimes the quality as well. Yes, I know that he gives them a rough idea for the plot, but still…having said that, there are some of his that I have read and liked (mostly his earlier ones). I have been reading the Women’s Murder Club series off and on for years. I have so many other books to read so that I don’t focus on him. ~nan

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    • That is an interesting take on Patterson. I didn’t know he uses ghost writers or a team. That actually really makes me like him a lot less. I don’t think you should ever be listed as the author if you didn’t write the material. I know the rights are boughten but there is something cheesy about claiming to be a writer when you don’t write the work yourself. Thanks for your input. This is new information to me and I am not sure I like Patterson as much anymore.


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