The Book Life | 5 Hilarious Bookish Struggles We All Know Too Well

In today’s book blog post, I decided to get a little silly! Here is five hilarious struggles that many readers have experienced in one way or another. These are all every day moments that true book lovers can definitely relate with and appreciate them for what they are. These are meant to me light and funny commentary for readers to enjoy! ♥

Please leave a comment below telling us about your book struggles that you have experienced or heard about from other bookworms. Have you gone through any of the “struggles” I listed below? I would love to hear about them! Thank you for following our book blogging journey and sharing our love of reading!  ❤ ❤ ❤


There comes a time in every reader’s life that they find themselves declining social invitations because they would prefer a night alone at home to read a new exciting book that has been taking forever to be released!

“Hey Sally, Do you want to come out tonight?”

“No, I cant. My cat is sick, I am sick, we are all sick…. *Cough* *Cough*”


This is an age old problem! When our friends do not respect the property we lend out to them. In the case of a reader, the book is returned with pages folded or mangled. It is returned in less than perfect condition. This is almost just as bad as not returning the book at all! Every reader has been here a time or two if they have the habit of lending out their books. Let us all have a moment of sympathy for our ruined books.


Books play on the passion, emotion, and feelings of readers; therefore, it is inevitable to fall in love with a fictional character. This can happen quite often! Who has not been guilty of falling in love with characters in the books they most enjoyed? There is some heart wrenching perfection in literature.  I am definitely guilty!


The most frustrating part of this scenario is the movie watcher usually acts like they know everything about the plot and characters. This comes across as arrogant when they have not even bothered to read the literature. Please read the book before acting like you posses more knowledge of it than the person who has read the movie’s book. They know more in most cases! Books dive deeper than movies are able to accomplish. This is just fact.


When a reader is shopping through a book store and just cannot decide which books they want. This can turn into hours! It is so difficult deciding which books to pick. The readers starts out in their favorite genre’s section and just are stumped. Admit it. You have been there before!


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36 thoughts on “The Book Life | 5 Hilarious Bookish Struggles We All Know Too Well

  1. Hey! Was I looking in the mirror while reading this?🤔
    Struggle#5 is spot on!
    I have more struggles to add in the list.
    Struggle#6 The number of bookmarks you have, is always less the number you need. I always seem to run out of them!😥
    Struggle#7 You can’t travel with a copy of a book you are reading, in fear of getting the edges dog-earred. And travelling sans books is a crime!

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  2. This post speaks my mind!!! It makes me feel so good that I want to read it out loud in front of my friends. And the gifs are perfect. I like how you turn our frustrations into something hilarious and fun. Very nice!

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  3. All of these are one thousand percent relatable! I’m a hopeless romantic so I have a thing for falling in love with like 90% of the fictional characters that I read about 😂It’s absolutely the worst when a friend you thought you could trust returns a book to you in a super sorry state! Like, what did you do to it? Throw it off a cliff?! Haha after a few incidents like this I’ve now pretty much stopped lending books to friends/family unless I know for sure that they get my book obsession and appreciation!

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  4. I freely admit to being an unrepentant book addict. Moreover, I shall fight to the end, any attempts to cure me. So many books, so little time. Now, if you will excuse me, books await…

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  5. Yes, I can rely on all these being true, I know from experience. It happened when I was younger that some friends borrowed books and didn’t give them back at all, with the excuse that they didn’t find them anymore. relatives come to visit, you know… While GoT show was running, I used to tell my husband stuff from the books: “and the Greyjoys were more than these, and there was also Aegon Targaryen, a different person than Jon Snow, Robb’s wife wasn’t ad the red wedding, Lord Beric brought back lady Cat, Jaime wasn’t as in love with Cersei anymore” and so on. I buy mostly online, so indeed when there are promotions I go over and over again, trying to decide what I should buy first.

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  6. I’m a reader, an addict. One of my offspring showed no ability to read between the ages of 7 and 20, when they suddenly piped up and said: ‘I read Twilight and loved it’. It took everything I had not to blurt: “You can read? Who knew?”
    My other offspring has autism, a mild intellectual impairment, and a language processing disorder. Thus, they do not read. They recognise words that are important to them, such as Pokémon, Target, Kmart, JB Hi Fi, Pancake Parlour.
    Genetics has no place in passing on reading passion.

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  7. Relatable post is relatable…

    My biggest bookish struggle? I read a lot on the train on my way to and from work and over they years I’ve learned to be careful about the kind of books I read.
    Years ago I read 1984 on my way to work (I teach kindergarten) Just after I’d finished reading the rat scene I had reached my destination. Feeling as if I’d just woken up from a horrible nightmare I had to pull myself back together to be a peppy teacher to 30 kindergartners for the rest of the day.

    From that day on I choose my commute reading material more carefully.

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  8. That’s a great post! Kept thinking “Oh that’s so totally me!” OK not so much #3 but the others are spot on! Tbh my main problem is that we keep buying books and not having enough space for them! And my tbr list keeps growing! And choosing the next read has really become a struggle 😂😂😂

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  9. #6 when people think you need fewer books, not more shelves.

    #7 when others don’t understand why you have multiple copies of the same book.

    #8 – and this happened very recently – when people laugh at you, sitting next to them with headphones on and a hat pulled low over your eyes because the TV won’t let you focus on your book …

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