Samantha The Reader is Closing Down – A New Chapter & Journey

Samantha The Reader will be officially closing down and merging into my other blog called The Historical Diaries. I hope everyone who likes my reviews, short stories, and post will continue to follow my work there. An explanation and open letter I posted on the other blog will be posted below explaining the reasons for the needed change.


Hello Readers, I am writing a post today to go over and discuss some changes happening to The Historical Diaries. I know there has been a long break this past year and not a lot of blog post have appeared on the site. Now is a good idea to talk about the blog’s future.

The break and pause has been due to me returning to school for a college education. It was very important for me to take this step because after the death of my mom; I quit school and didn’t return for two years. I barely blogged and wrote in this time too. A lot of life changes occurred these last several years. Grief and depression over her death impacted me a lot. Losing my mom is not something I will ever truly “be over” and it will always be the main heartbreak of my life. She was very loved by those who knew her.

School is something I am very happy about, and currently I just started my third semester of my first degree and plan to transfer to a university after next year. I am not one-hundred percent decided on a path but am heavily considering going for a bachelor’s degree in history and masters in Librarian Information Science with the idea of becoming an archivist, librarian, or working in a museum. Nothing is set in stone yet, and I am still researching what path to take. At the moment, I am finishing my general education at a community college in San Diego in order to transfer to one of the state universities.

The future will hold lots of learning and writing!

Moving forward, I want to get back to blogging and my writing. I have never known or thought myself to be talented, but writing is something I am very proud of. I have a second blog called Samantha The Reader where I have posted short stories, poetry, and book reviews. It is very difficult for me to make the decision to close that blog; however, it is definitely something I need to do. While I am in school, I just don’t have the time to run two blogs full time with school, my job, and the kids. So my idea was to close that blog and blend it into this one. The Historical Diaries is my first love and true introduction into the blogging world. There is no way I want to set it aside. Now with that being said, The Historical Diaries will be under-going some changes as the other blog is blended in.

The changes are not too drastic and mostly additions. The Historical Diaries will expand from just history articles and documents. I want to express my love for non-fiction and fictional writing by including post involving classical literature and book reviews for non-fiction and historical fiction. Now as a writer one of my favorite things to do is tell stories and write short fictional pieces of work similar to what was written on Samantha The Reader, so I am going to be writing historical fiction to share here on the blog. I think making these additions and carrying those concepts I used on Samantha The Reader over into the Historical Diaries will allow me to create a blog I am very proud of. I am excited to focus my attention on writing for one blog sharing the love for history, writing, and reading!

The idea is to be very clear about what is a fictional story based on a time, event or period in history written by me versus the factual history articles and primary documents that my mind loves to explore. I promise readers will not have to guess what is fiction versus non-fiction. As for the classical literature I plan on writing some opinions, analysis and it’s historical background diving into the history including that of some of the best authors the world has ever seen. This plan definitely fits into my ideal blog and what I want to be as a writer; although, there is some nervousness about diving into a fictional aspect on this blog because that has not something I have attempted before. I would love to know what everyone thinks about this so please leave your comments and tell me your opinion. My intention is to bring this blog my best writing possible. History is a powerful life lesson.

Sincerely with love,

Samantha Jolene James

Author of The Historical Diaries and Samantha The Reader

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